This section will be dedicated to offering free instructional videos to help spread Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to the community.

Backstep Pass – Around the Head

This is a super basic and highly effective pass that sets you up in a solid side control position with the option of submissions.

Backstep Pass – On the Hip

This is another version of the backstep pass where you sit on your opponents hip to establish position, which will open the door for your submission attempts.

Backstep Pass to 4/11

If you’re sitting on the hip and your opponent defends against the initial knee bar attempt, you shift over and enter into the 4/11 position.

Granby Roll Drill

This drill greatly improves your movement and overall spatial awareness.

Spin Top Drill aka “Around the Legs”

This is an excellent drill to help develop better movement and a deeper sense of body awareness.

Armbar to De La Riva Drill

This is a really good way to help develop a submission attempt and an alternative guard entry if you happen to fail.

De La Riva to Back

This slice is focusing on transitioning from De La Riva guard to taking your opponent’s back.

De La Riva to Ashi Garami

This slice focuses on transitioning from De la Riva guard into an Ashi Garami position and ending with a heel hook, ankle lock, or knee bar attempt.

BJJ Burpees

Crossfit meets Jiu Jitsu and it is my students favorite thing to hate.

Breakdancing Drill

This is a really great drill to help develop better kick outs as well as advancing your basic movement in Jiu Jitsu.

Egg Beaters Drill

This drill will help you develop your Jiu Jitsu in ways that won’t even make sense to you at first, enjoy!

Egg Beaters Drill – Second Slice

In this slice of the Egg Beaters drill you will be focusing on the hip bump and building up the momentum needed for the movement to have better success.

Egg Beaters Drill – Third Slice

This is the most advanced version of the Egg Beaters drill which focuses on standing up by using the under side leg/ankle to support your weight.

*Be very careful when doing this part of the drill. If you feel any discomfort around your knee or ankle, stop! Do not risk finishing the stand up part of the drill, you could potentially injure yourself.*

Mounted T Armbar

This is one of the best drills that will make your armbar better and greatly increase your chances of success!

Mounted T Armbar – Advanced

This is slightly more advanced version of the Mounted T Armbar that will help you develop a faster twitch movement that will lead to more finishes!

Windshield Wiper Pass Drill

This basic drill will help you in advancing your movement as well as your body control.

Basic Sprawling Drill

In this drill we will be focusing on developing our basic sprawling defense to a wrestling shot.

Reguarding Drill

This drill will greatly increase your chances of reguarding whenever your guard is about to be passed!

Knee on Belly Drill

This drill will focus on the basic movements and development of your knee on belly position.

Step Around Armbar Drill

In this drill we will be adding in a step around armbar drill from the knee on belly position.

Shuffle Pass Drill

This drill will focus on your awareness of passing an open guard and how to do deal with an opponent who is continuously trying to reguard on you.